Choosing a coil - by Berty Austin


As you know, a metal detector consists of several parts - a control block, a stick and a coil. Replacement of the coil is much more common among detectorists. They always try to buy better coils so the detector can reach deeper with higher recovery speed and better discrimination. When choosing the right coil, we need to know how different types of coils... read more

My journey with DeepTech machines - by Aaron Cooper



My journey with DeepTech machines - by Aaron Cooper />
Hello everybody, my name is Aaron, but most people know me as Ziggy, as I am known in my YouTube channel. I've been a metal detector user for many years  and I get messages of all description asking about how DeepTech detectors compare to other brands and so on and how to setup for certain situations on a regular basis. But what I also get is feedback from people that have used many other b... read more