My journey with DeepTech machines - by Aaron Cooper

My journey with DeepTech machines - by Aaron Cooper />



Hello everybody, my name is Aaron, but most people know me as Ziggy, as I am known in my YouTube channel. I've been a metal detector user for many years  and I get messages of all description asking about how DeepTech detectors compare to other brands and so on and how to setup for certain situations on a regular basis.

But what I also get is feedback from people that have used many other brands but picked up a DeepTech machine and used them and had amazing results in the field and wish they came across DeepTech machines along time ago.

It's truly great to see and hear words like this below and I agree with them all the way, I've used countless amounts of detectors being a tester/reviewer in the past but more or less they all do the same and many of them are great in one way or another, I would be a liar to say otherwise.

I've also helped on dev teams for other brands and passed on words of advice to companies but when you can do it with a DeepTech machine without menus and many settings to get wrong and just by listening out for targets either via a single or two tone setup, it's a great and simple productive way to search.

Ever since I picked up a DeepTech Vista Smart myself I knew there was something special about them.... hands up not the best looking machines on the market but I'm not out in the fields to show off a pretty detector I'm there to enjoy myself and find some interesting items plain and simple.

DeepTech themselves headed by the genius electrical engineer Plamen and the Fabulous Rosi and Silvia are great people and make and work as a great team and it's a true privilege to know them, they go out of their way to help customers what is great to see truly.

Here below I show you just a handful of recent words from folks that use DeepTech machines, none fabricated by myself or edited......

1. My finds rate has just risen and risen since going to the Vista Gold. Even going over sites I've battered for 20 years I'm pulling the good stuff out

2. You are doing a great job Aaron and it was through watching your videos on YouTube I decided the gold was for me so I can't thank you enough mate. Simple. Fast. Amazing deep machines . Can't ask for any more than that. 

3. I've been hunting for 30 years. Mainly use Nautilus DMC 2b and Tesoro Lobo Supertac. I am now really falling in love with the Deeptech line of detectors. They hit hard on brass buttons and are the best at separating in the iron. I just had Richard at Backwoods Detectors order me an 8" and a 5.7" for my Smart Plus. I would appreciate a video if you find time to produce one. I don't think many people in the States really know how good the Deeptechs are. Personally I use what WORKS and Deeptech detectors have been phenomenal for me.

4. Its nice to see a Simple yet effective unit such as Deeptech offer's..

Not complicated in the least...The audio paints such a Sonic Image that visuals and or even Digital audio processors can not...

I always said if Tesoro could of built a tejon with two tones they would own the relic market...Yet they Wont or cant...Yet Deeptech fills that void very well..

A true pleasure to run...Feels like an old friend when I have it on the sites..Very conveying!

I didn't embellish anything in my views..Not my style to mislead...If I didn't think it was SOLID I would of said so or stayed quiet... And I have more info to come...Its truly a solid iron contaminated site analyzer...A true forensic style tool, can really analyze past history..down to the smallest details lets me paint a solid picture of the habitation site's I encounter.

Thank you for the opportunity!!

Thank you for the kind reply!!

5. I truly can believe that I've made detecting for myself complicated in the past, Ive been using a Minelab for five years but suffered a shoulder injury at work, I was out of action for six months and wanted a change of machine.

Speaking to a friend in wales he told me about DeepTech and you so I looked up on YouTube and liked what I saw but was skeptical as I don't know you and never believe what employees say about the company they work for.

I took a gamble on a used deeptech smart and was shocked on how easy it was to use.

It's a powerful detector with good all round performance.

I've kept my Etrac for beach hunting but don't think I will be using it inland ever again.

Sometimes the grass is greener on the other side

I appreciate your help and keep up the informative videos


Now I could show many many more great words I've been sent from users around the globe like the below comments and prove the source of all a 100% 

If you want a new machine or as a backup then take a shot at a DeepTech Detector, give it a chance and use it, I can lay hand on heart if you compare targets in the field you might just start using it as your main machine.

Aaron Cooper