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Latest Reviews

In very Short time My Vista X has proven to Be a Great Relic and Deep Seeker here in USA . If looking Pure Power, Great Disc, and Easy Set up. the new Vista X is in a Class by itself!

Chuck Acton (18/11/2019)


The New Covers for Vista X are very well designed and Fit Perfect !!! A must have Item for Vista X Owners!

Chuck Acton (24/12/2019)


The Warrior was my First Deeptech I owned. Great Deep, Easy to learn , found many relics and A $1 Gold Coin here in USA. Don't over look the Warrior!!

Chuck Acton (24/11/2019)


the detctor is very powerfull , reliable & free of false indication if the ci=onfiguration was correct & suitable. square coils are great in detection. i recommend every hunter to have it with the icon data imaging system .

khaled azzam (17/12/2019)


The best analog that I have ever tried, precise, stable and very fast, I love it. He found me buried things, in places passed dozens of times with the best digital md, incredible!

Alberto Martinelli (04/02/2020)

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    Every new project is desgned and build In-house: starting from the very schematics, finishing with the construction. Unlike many companies, our factory is located in Europe and that is the quality we provide.

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    We test every single product after it is ordered and before we send it to our customers in order to ensure the quality which we offer.

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    As soon as your order gets to our inbox, we proceed with testing your personal product and preparing your shipment, so if we need 3-5 days sometimes - it's because we want to make sure everything is just as you want it!

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