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PI Detectors

All pulse induction metal detectors produced by manufacturer DeepTech

The Ground Pioneer 4500 is the pulse metal detector with great power plus all the major advantages of our previous discriminating PI metal detectors. The DIGITAL Ground Pioneer 4500 is a composite detector not only for the reason that there is a build-in MAGNETOMETER SENSOR SYSTEM.The..
Megapulse FORCE is the next generation of our wellknown detector Megapulse III,developed on the idea of our friend, the famous german prospector, explorer and writerReinhold Ostler. That's why we keep his idea for the name of this series.Megapulse FORCE pulse induction system is developed to automat..
Megapulse SR 126 is designed for the treasure hunter that does not want to bother with too many controls.The advantages of Megapulse SR 126 are:- Microprocessor controled;- Easy to use;- Data Port for external data transfer;- Detection of smaller and deeper targets;- Wide range of searchcoils a..
SDP 3000 is the improved version of our wellknown Pulse induction metal detector SDP-2014A.It is used for locating larger and smaller (3” to 4” [10cm x 12cm]) sized targets atgreater depths compared to any other conventional metal detector. The pulseinduction system is developed to automaticall..
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