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SDP 3000

SDP 3000
SDP 3000
SDP 3000
SDP 3000
SDP 3000
SDP 3000
SDP 3000
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SDP 3000 is the improved version of our wellknown Pulse induction metal 
detector SDP-2014A.

It is used for locating larger and smaller (3” to 4” [10cm x 12cm]) sized targets at
greater depths compared to any other conventional metal detector. The pulse
induction system is developed to automatically retune, so that changes in the
ground mineralization and unwanted ferrous metal targets are eliminated. The
SDP series Discriminator is a unique combination of technologies that takes
advantage from other pulse induction detector technologies to create an easy to
use balanced system.

The SDP pulse induction principle offers many other advantages:
. Large detection range and extreme depth of detection;
. Small objects like bottle caps, pull tabs, pieces of aluminum are rejected;
. The device can be operated effectively in highly mineralized soil areas, beaches,
fresh and salt waters;
. High quality components are used and all critical parts of the circuit are designed
to align themselves to signal drift due to changing temperatures;
. The hot rocks are categorically ignored;
. SDP is a professional deep treasure-hunting instrument with its incredible depth
detecting capabilities;
. The unique automatic motion mode of operations makes it user-friendly even for
the beginners;
. The device is the only metal detector that discriminates unwanted ferrous targets
in the arable layer of the ground with no loss of depth parameters;

Patent protected technology.

Discriminator controls:
1. Delay Control
2. Sensitivity Control
3. Interference Control
4. Threshold Control
5. Mode Selector - Ability to select between “A/D” (Automatic / Discrimination), “SA”
(Sound All), “A/ND” (Automatic / No Discrimination).
6. Reset Button
7. Signal Intensity Meter
8. Ferrous Metal Indicator Light

SDP 3000 standart equipment:

Control Unit
Leather Carry Case with Strap
Charge system
11” Round Coil 
1m/1m Square Coil – With Magnetometer with Carry Strap
3-PC Handle for the round coil
2 Sets screw and washers, 2 zip ties
DVD with User Manual

Technical Specifications DISCRIMINATOR:
• Working Voltage 12v DC
• Continuous Power Consumption 180mA
• Maximum Power Consumption 380mA
• Working Frequency 100-130Hz
• Sound Range 0-10000Hz
• Battery:Rechargeable 1,3(2,3-optional)Ah,hermetic,acid Battery
• Charger Output 14,6VDC 500mA
• Charger Input 100/240V 50/60Hz AC
• Battery Charging Time (empty) max.8-10 Hours

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